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I was raised in North Bend and returned twelve years ago because this is a fantastic place to live, work, and raise a family.  I know and love this community. The experience I have gained growing up in North Bend, along with the skills I have honed as a business professor at Southwestern Oregon Community College and as your Mayor has given me the experience, knowledge, and dedication to continue as Mayor of North Bend. I would be honored to continue to make this community even better by working with our citizens to hear your thoughts, ideas, and concerns.


I will continue to bring a fresh perspective to our city with my strategic thinking and a commonsense approach to managing the city’s budget during this challenging time in all of our lives. My ability to bring stakeholders to the table to better our community will make us stronger as a whole. Our beautiful city has so much potential. My vision for our community is to look toward the future by creating business opportunities while sustaining our current businesses to help them to thrive and grow. We need to manage the City’s budget in a way that protects the interests of our citizens while ensuring that basic needs for our community members are met.


I am committed to listening to our citizens while trying to make the best choices to move our community forward. I know we can work together to build our future with our limited financial resources. Our natural resources, beautiful waterfront, and desirable tourism destination, combined with our existing Enterprise Zone and Urban Renewal Grants make North Bend a great place to live, work, visit, and open a business.  We can build our tax base by ensuring that people who come to visit are so impressed that they want to come back to stay.

I will continue to look for ways for citizens and their families to be involved by finding innovative ways to provide information.  I look forward to being involved with all of you through social media, surveys and townhalls. I want to be involved and understand your concerns.  I love our City, the hardworking business owners, the people who protect us, and the citizens who live here. Together, we can build the future.  



Jessica Engelke

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