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My vision for North Bend is to look toward the future by creating business opportunities while sustaining our current businesses, helping them to thrive and grow. We need to sustainably manage the City’s budget in a way that protects the interests of our citizens while ensuring that the basic needs of our community are met. We must ensure that businesses and our citizens are not just able to survive in North Bend, but are able to thrive!



I will identify opportunities to reduce the City’s budget in ways that will have the least impact on our citizens. I will look for ways to be more efficient and explore new potential revenue streams. I will help sustain our local businesses as they are the backbone of our community, while working to attract new investors. 
I am committed to upholding the duties of the Mayoral position while looking for opportunities for greater citizen involvement in our local governmental process.  I will provide leadership and direction for the City that looks forward and does not dwell on the past. I want to work with the community to create a place that sustains family wage jobs and a great quality of life.  We all want our children to have the opportunity to stay here if they so desire. The minimum requirements of city council members is to attend the work sessions and the city council meetings on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. To move items forward, additional council meetings may need to take place. We should expect more of our elected officials and elect a mayor and councilors that are involved with committees and other community organizations that they are passionate about that can positively impact the city. Not people that want to sit on the sidelines and throw stones.
The council has lacked significant diversification in age and gender for years. The previous council represented one dimension of our community. As Mayor, I will seek to broaden that reach to ensure that all citizens are represented. I am also committed to looking for opportunities for greater citizen involvement in our local governmental process, and I would implement methods to ensure that all of these voices have an opportunity to be heard and have input and contribution in the future of our city.

I will work to understand what people want currently , as well as moving into the future. I have a passion for the City of North Bend and will work diligently to see it succeed. I committed to making decisions that are in the best interest of the citizens of North Bend.
The City currently has a distinct process for our citizens to be involved by attending work sessions and City Council meetings. The City now streams our council meetings on YouTube and allows remote public comment. We have redesigned the City's Website and made it more robust and user-friendly. Recognizing that citizens have multiple ways in which they prefer to communicate, I will continue to seek additional ways to promote this process to get citizens involved.  I will continue to push out City updates on all social media platforms and The City's website, along with the City's regular email communications to business owners. I have a positive connection with community members, and I serve on a variety of boards that benefit the community.



Being your mayor it has required that I make the best decisions possible with the information that is available at the time. My priority is always going to be keeping our citizens safe. Voters have made the decision that we need to find other ways to fund public safety, and I welcome that challenge. My experiences as your mayor helped me to learn and grow. I am committed to looking for ways to keep the same level of service that our citizens deserve with the limited financial resources we have in our city's budget.

I have deep roots and love our community. I grew up in North Bend and graduated from North Bend High School. In addition to my City Council and Mayor experience, I am a tenured Business Professor at Southwestern Oregon Community College, teaching various classes, including Business, Human Relations in Organizations, Entrepreneurship, Advertising, Marketing, and Leadership. I have experience in policy and procedures. I have a Master of Business Degree with an emphasis in Human Resources. Before my work as a business professor, I was in management for over 20 years, including Human Resources Manager for a major department store. I am active in the community and participate in several community boards. I  chaired The Certifed Development Company (CCD) in 2021. In 2021 I was elected to the Board of Directors for The League of Oregon Cities. I serve on a task force for the Oregon Mayors Association that is working together to address the unhoused in Oregon. I work collaboratively with Coos Bay and Coos Coos County on a coordinated Homeless Pilot Response Program. I have planned and organized many community events. I am a member of the Coos Fights Cancer Committee.
CO-Chair Bay Area Enterprises     Serving since 2015
Convene regularly scheduled board meetings and appoint all committee members. Review and vote on an annual budget for the agency. Vote on and regularly evaluates the performance of the Director to ensure that the Director is carrying out the direction of the board and meeting the goals of the agency.
Bay Area Chamber of Commerce President 2017
Visible leader of the Chamber, communicator, facilitator, and interactive community planner. Worked with staff and other board members to develop, implement, and assess Chamber programs, projects, and events. activities; Prepare material for monthly board and executive committee meetings. services and operations.
CCD Coos and Curry County Executive Board appointed by Coos and Curry County 2015.  
Current Vice Chair Elect
CCD is a certified Development Company that encourages economic development, diversify local economies, support industry, and enhance quality of life for all in the region. The Vision is to provide opportunity for proactive economic growth through diversification and expansion. The role as a board member is to act as a liaison between the local and business communities and CCD and its available to services. CCD has been on the front lines during the COVID Pandemic, providing direct financial support to many businesses that did not receive any federal funds.
Oregon Adventure Coast Community Representative Budget Committee  2020
I have been a North Bend City Councilor for two years, and I am deeply entrenched in North Bend’s budget, planning, regulations, and needs. In addition, I have years of experience in managing budgets over a million dollars, development of policy and procedure, and Human Resources. 

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