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  • Megan Lucas

Letter: North Bend is coming back

I've lived in North Bend for over 40 years and have never experienced the energy and buzz surrounding us as I do now. We are finally moving in the right direction. We are alive! The downtown has come back to life, new businesses are moving in and developers are back, wanting to build here.

I see pride coming back to North Bend, one that has been dormant for some time. This is why I'm voting for Jessica Engelke for mayor. She clearly loves this city and is proud of it. Not only does she listen to the needs and concerns of the residents and business owners, but she also puts them into action.

If John Briggs had his way 20 years ago, there wouldn't even be a North Bend, Oregon. You should never forget that! TGWB!

Megan Lucas

North Bend

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