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  • John Beane III

Letter: Thank you mayor

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

As a resident of North Bend and a local business owner, I want to thank Mayor Jessica Engelke for her persistent, inclusive vision for our city. Engelke has been a resounding breath of action-oriented growth and acumen and has startled me with her attack on local development and problem solving - in a pandemic no less.

Our area is rife with rhetoric and it is wonderful to encounter a mayor that does not engage negatively, that takes a bipartisan attitude to delve for the best opportunities for our town both here and at the state level. When you talk about statesmanship - about the qualities of leadership both temperate and decisive - Jessica Engelke has shown us already in her first short term that she is here to do the work.

That is the timber we are looking for, that is real leadership. I will heartily vote for her in the next term.

John Beane III

North Bend

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