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Engelke will help North Bend prosper

What is best for North Bend’s future? Jessica Engelke — who is running for mayor. She has a vision for making North Bend the best it can be. She is an educator at Southwestern Oregon Community College, a mentor for SWOCC business students and the Junior Chamber of Commerce, an active member of the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce, and a North Bend City Council member since 2018.

Jessica has the background, knowledge and experience to champion a new vision for our South Coast and city of North Bend. As mayor, she will move us forward to create a place where people want to live, work, visit and play.

Although, I live in Coos Bay, I want both North Bend and Coos Bay to prosper. Jessica can make this happen for North Bend as mayor. I hope you will vote for Jessica for North Bend mayor.

Renee’ Menkens

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