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Let's vote Engelke in

I just found out that Jessica Engelke is running for North Bend mayor this next election cycle. I would love to see her take the helm for our city.

She is truly independent, unaffiliated with any political party for a long time now. She has a background in business, teaches at our college, and she grew up here before coming back a decade ago to raise her family here.

In particular, though, as a public official and as a professional, she is consistently responsive to questions, as well as open to new ideas and different perspectives -- a quality that all our leaders need to cultivate in these times where tornadoes of change seem to be invading every major system in our society, including the natural world around us.

Especially in such times, then, we must demand government officials to be responsive and transparent during the entire process of governance, not just at the onset of changes that affect us. We deserve timely responsiveness to our questions and concerns. We require transparency around how decisions are made. We should be able to expect flexibility and adroit action when the plans create unintended consequences.

My experience working with Mrs. Engelke shows me that she not only shares that vision of government, but delivers it as a sitting member of the City Council.

Let's vote Mrs. Engelke in!

Jenny Jones, owner

InfoSurf Consulting

North Bend

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