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NB will be well-served with Engelke

I am writing this letter in support of electing Jessica Engelke as North Bend Mayor. My experience with Engelke is that she is the breath of fresh air that the city of North Bend needs.

I have known Engelke for several years and have had the opportunity to work with her on several occasions. I currently serve with her on the board of Bay Area Enterprises. Engelke works tirelessly for our community. When she sees a need, she is always willing to step in and attempt to address it. I have watched her organize a 5K and health fair from the ground up in honor of her father, and every year it has expanded under her leadership.

In my service on the BAE board, I have seen how Engelke thinks creatively, utilizing her business knowledge and vast community contacts to create opportunities for the communities we serve. Of great importance is her emphasis on sustainable budgeting, rather than creating temporary budget solutions which only create greater problems down the road. In our roles on the BAE board, we review, monitor and approve budgets, and evaluate the performance of the director to ensure that the director is carrying out board directions and is meeting the goals of the agency. I have witnessed Engelke ask tough questions and and advocate for her perspective in an effective way.

One of the things that strikes me about Engelke’s leadership style is her desire to really listen to her constituents and integrate their opinions and ideas into her approach to any issue. I really appreciate her ability to listen and formulate an idea or opinion based upon the input that she receives. She actively seeks out ideas and community member’s opinions, and she will work to expand the methods that the citizens of North Bend can use to be informed about their city government and express themselves. The citizens of North Bend will always have a listening ear when she is elected Mayor.

Engelke’s passion for the city of North Bend is second to none. It is that passion which is driving her to run for Mayor. She sees this area as a place to raise her family and wants to make it a place where her children will want to return to as adults. The citizens of North Bend would be well served with her as their Mayor. I strongly encourage you to vote for Jessica Engelke for Mayor of North Bend.

Amy Muenchrath

North Bend

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