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Support Jessica Engelke for North Bend Mayor

I am so appreciative of my supporters who have reached out with such positivity following my announcement to run for the mayoral seat for the City of North Bend! Many of you have asked how you can help. If you support working together for positive change and you support my run for mayor, you can help in several ways. A link is available on my website with more details. By either a campaign donation, volunteering, or helping us place signs for the campaign, together we can build the future! I pledge that I will work to better this community that I know and love. The insight I have gained growing up in North Bend, the skills I’ve honed as a business professor at Southwestern Oregon Community College, and as your city councilor, have all given me the experience and knowledge to prepare me for this job. If you have any questions about my views on the City or issues that are important to you, or the City of North Bend, please contact me at

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